Welcome to my new website/blog! I’m very excited to finally make the switch to a blog format, so I can explain a little bit more about each shoot, and interact in a whole new way! I’m still in the process of polishing up some areas of the site, so please bear with me as I get everything up and running.

I am a father of two awesome little boys (Owen – almost four, and Liam – seven weeks as of writing this)! My beautiful wife Rachel is transitioning to a full time stay at home mom, in addition to finishing up a second bachelors degree, and venturing into custom jewelry making.

My passion for photography is fairly recent, as I began searching for a camera back in 2012 that could take quality photos of our son Owen (little did I know at the time, that it isn’t how good the camera is that matters). After much research as to how cameras work, I realized I wanted something more than a “Point and Shoot”. I decided upon a Nikon D7000, and that’s where it all began.

I continued to invest time and money into my new craft, teaching myself through videos online, reading books from the library, and of course actually going out and shooting! As I began to look to photography as a career, I had an awesome opportunity last year to intern with Wedding and Family Photographer Kaylan Buteyn. It was a very rewarding experience, and one that I feel helped me grow as a photographer. It was a great fit as her style of journalistic photography is exactly what I strive for.

While my main focus currently is weddings and portraits, I also enjoy covering sports, and will periodically put up some sports related blog posts too.

If you have any questions please contact me! Thanks for visiting my new page, and taking the time to learn a little more about myself!


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